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Deeper Insight to Travel Ecosystem Bot Threats

The travel industry has a highly-tangled ecosystem that is rapidly evolving to make faster & easier real-time searching and booking of flights, cars, rentals, and hotels. As the industry and the competition grew, sophisticated automated threats originating from fraudsters and competitors are increasingly threatening the travel industry.

How Your Travel Platform’s Success Hindered by Bad Bots?

Motivated by monetary gains, online fraudsters threaten the vulnerable processes within the travel ecosystem and target customer's online security and privacy through 'Inventory Denial,' 'ATO,' 'Bonus Abuse,' and 'Carding' types of attacks.

Denial of Inventory

Inventories are exhausted and blocked by abandoned transactions that prevent real users from booking the services.


Fake Account Creation

False listings, fake reviews, and the spread of malicious links lower your platform's credibility and competitiveness.


Price Scraping

Price scraping gives an unfair advantage to your competitors and poses as a long-term business threat.


Content Scraping

Content scraping results with reduced benefits for the original publisher brings down the site traffic, and illy impacts SEO

Global Travel Ecosystem Increasingly Threatened by Bad Bot Activity

60.5 %

of travel platform traffic is made of bad bots

54.4 %

of bot attacks on travel platforms target inquiry surfaces

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