GeeTest for Gaming Platforms

83.9%+ Bots Caught

21.6% Reduction on Infrastructure Costs

58% Reduction on Chargeback Costs

Deeper Insight to Bot Threats on Gaming Platforms

The travel industry has a highly-tangled ecosystem that is rapidly evolving to make faster & easier real-time searching and booking of flights, cars, rentals, and hotels. As the industry and the competition grew, sophisticated automated threats originating from fraudsters and competitors are increasingly threatening the travel industry.

How Gaming Platforms’ Success Hindered by Bad Bots?

Inadequate anti-bot solutions can reduce the competitiveness of gaming platform in the form of high number of false-positives or insufficient bot detection and mitigation capabilities.

Blocks Legitimite Traffic

Rule-based systems lack the flexibility to stop the rapidly evolving bot threats and strict rules that ensures security runs the unwanted consequence of higher false positives.


Reduces Conversion Rates

Step-up challenges that promise security through the difficulty of the challenges are primitive and hurts conversion rates, reducing your business competitiveness.


Distupts Brand Voice

Dreadful user-experience caused by uncustomizable step-up challenges causes inconsistency on your users’ journey, hurting your business competitiveness.


Reduces Accessibility

Lack of disability and language support adversely impacts your brands image. Directly blocking TOR and VPN networks disrespects the users’ privacy needs.

Global Gaming Industry Increasingly Threatened by Bad Bot Activity

63.2 %

of gaming platform traffic is made of bad bots

60.9 %

of bot attacks abuse the game ecosystem

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