Through automated programs, fraudsters occupied seats of a particular flight (often a popular destination) to be sold on 3rd party platforms at inflated prices. If the fraudsters failed to monetize the occupied inventory before departure, the unsold seats would be charged back. As a result, legitimate passengers couldn’t acquire tickets through the official channels, and the rate of flight occupancy dropped significantly, which directly translated into increased costs and lost revenue. 


In 2016, Geetest captcha was deployed into the ticket information query interface. Upon full integration with the airlines' end-to-end fraud detection system, the bot defense system was able to detect 40% more bots. The sophisticated usage of advanced AI technologies enabled Geetest to detect malicious automation with pinpoint accuracy and eradicate the fraudulent scheme. As a result, the query to order ratio has significantly improved, causing huge savings of GDS fees and network costs.

Key Results

GDS and chargeback costs reduced by 800%

The query to order ratio has dropped from 3000:1 to 200:1

Substantial cost savings resulted a net 5x ROI

GeeTest Capability Brief


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