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Deeper Insight to Blockchain Bot Threats

As digital currencies gained popularity and surged in value rapidly over the past few years, the blockchain platforms have become a primary target for online fraud and abuse. While the high-value of individual accounts is the primary reason behind the sophisticated automated attacks, the anonymous and untraceable nature of blockchain makes these platforms even more lucrative to fraudsters for stealing and laundering money.

How Your E-commerce Platforms’ Success Hindered by Bad Bots?

Motivated by extracting monetary value, online fraudsters threaten the vulnerable processes within blockchain platforms and target customer's online security and privacy.

Bonus Abuse

Through stolen credentials, buy or steal gift cards, rewards, and loyalty points.


Account Takeover

Hijack user information and personal data through brute force.

Use a library of stolen account credentials to gain unauthorized access.


Fake Account Creation

Exploit signup bonuses & referral promotions. Malicious Spam; false listings, fake product reviews.

Money laundering schemes.


Carding Attack

Try stolen payment credentials against the payment process.

Global Blockchain Increasingly Threatened by Bad Bot Activity

64 %

of blockchain platform traffic is made of bad bots

37.1 %

of bot attacks target account login surfaces

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