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Deeper Insight to E-commerce Bot Threats

Due to many discrete vectors of attacks, E-commerce platforms are significantly more vulnerable to malicious automation than other industries. Therefore, a solid bot defense is imperative to the sustainability and profitability of an e-commerce business. While the main actors behind automated attacks are fraudsters and aggressive competitors, due to the nature of the e-commerce business environment, poorly designed bot defense solutions also harm the competitiveness of e-commerce businesses through excessive rates of false-positives and high-friction step-up challenges.

How Your E-commerce Platforms’ Success Hindered by Bad Bots?

The cutthroat competition within the e-commerce industry stretches the boundaries of morals; Automated programs are utilized viciously by competitors for inventory attacks and competitive price & content scraping.

Denial of Inventory

Inventories are exhausted and blocked by abandoned transactions that prevent real users from booking the services.


Fake Account Creation

False listings, fake reviews, and the spread of malicious links lower your platform's credibility and competitiveness.


Price Scraping

Price scraping gives an unfair advantage to your competitors and poses as a long-term business threat.


Content Scraping

Content scraping results with reduced benefits for the original publisher brings down the site traffic, and illy impacts SEO

Global E-commerce Increasingly Threatened by Bad Bot Activity

62.1 %

of e-commerce website traffic is made of bad bots

36 %

of bot attacks target account registration surfaces

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