The company suffered from two different automated threats. Firstly, the player's game accounts were targetted by automated scripts running credential stuffing and ATO attacks. Since game accounts are the core asset of a player within a game, valued by in-game props and the amount of time spent, unauthorized access to these accounts caused considerable losses. The reduced brand loyalty and reputation, as well as customer support and chargeback costs, were adding up quickly and considered a significant threat to long-term business success. Secondly, the use of game assistants (hacks) was disrupting the in-game ecosystem and causing considerable drops in legitimate user count, threatening the long term sustainability and profitability of the games. The previous solution couldn't stop sophisticated bad bots, yet bot activity was thought to be manageable. However, this solution's major problem came at a steep cost of user experience and reduced accessibility for genuine players.


Geetest captcha was deployed in critical operational gateways to distinguish automated human behavior from genuine human players. Initial analysis found that automated scripts made 96% of the login attempts, and the ecosystem abuse was alarming. After Geetest has been fully integrated with the gaming company's fraud detection system, the bot problem across all platforms has been eradicated. At the same time, 90% of the legitimate users seamlessly verified without any challenge-response enforced.

Key Results

Bot detection rate at critical gateways increased by 60%

80% of legitimate usersverified seamlessly

Challenge solving time reduced by 600% from 10.7~ to 1.81 seconds.

GeeTest Capability Brief


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