With the rapid surge of value and popularity of cryptocurrencies in 2017, the top cryptocurrency exchange saw increasing bot activity across their sensitive gateways such as login and sign-up. Malicious automation was used for account takeover attacks as well as exploiting promotional subsidies. At the time, the platform's captcha solution could not detect the more sophisticated bad bots that were explicitly targetting the platform; moreover, the solution's high-friction threat response caused considerable dissatisfaction among the player base.


In 2017, Geetest was deployed in critical operational gateways. Upon deployment, it's been found that bad bots were responsible for over 99% of the requests on critical gateways. After the integration was fully complete, malicious automation within the platform has been eradicated, and accessibility-related user complaints were reduced to zero. At present, the cryptocurrency exchange platform has the complete control of its website traffic where maliciously automated requests are detected with pinpoint accuracy while legitimate users enjoy seamless verification experience.

Key Results

Bot detection rate at critical gateways increased by 35%

88% of legitimate usersverified seamlessly

Challenge solving time reduced by 500% from 10~ to 2.08 seconds

GeeTest Capability Brief


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